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About Dr Barbara

In our community, we choose to view life through the windshield instead of the rear view mirror. We surrender to the condition of being human so yep, we make mistakes and have made blunders, too. We choose to view our past as opportunities for growth and lessons learned instead of using our past to beat …

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Wanna Tweak Your Self Image?

SELF IMAGE….want to understand your’s and know how to tweak it? Join us, Monday, April 27th, 12:15-12:45PM EST The Neuroscience of Success, Pt 2 (It’s FREE!) “Self Image and the Lies We Tell Ourselves” Email me at DrB@DrBarbaraEaton.com for the workbook and call info.

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What’s Your Financial Prowess?

Email shared with my coaching clients this morning: 1. Set a reminder several times per day to inquire, “Is what I am doing right now moving me closer TO my worthy ideal or taking me away from it? * Remember our standard…anything less than 100% YES is a NO! 2. What kind of financial prowess …

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